This page compiles all the tools and resources I have mentioned in my posts so you don’t have to go trawling through my old posts looking for a particular resource or tool. Below is a list of what I’ve mentioned/offered so far:


  • Tax ID Cheat Sheet – Walkthrough for obtaining Federal Tax ID in the US when you live abroad.
  • Shipping Cheat Sheet – Detailed step by step walkthrough for shipping your product into the US. Explores dealing with manufacturers and freight forwarders including detailed explanation of documents you will need to fill out.


  • Amazuite 4.0 – Great for researching a nich market or product to sell.
  • 99Designs – Works well for creating graphics for a logo, package inserts or anything else brand related.
  • AMZ Tracker – A great tool for tracking yours and competitor’s sales, sales rank and most importantly, has access to a great review club!
  • Speedy Barcodes – Quick, easy and low cost way to get legitimate UPCs for your products.
  • Google Keyword Research Tool – A great tool to see what keywords people are searching for.
  • MerchantWords – A tool that claims to show Amazon keyword search statistics. Not 100% convinced on it but it does serve as a good general guide.