Here’s What You Can Do to Optimise Your Product Listing

Now comes optimising your product listing to give yourself the best possible shot at making sales quickly. I’m going to go with the assumption that you have a basic product listing done as described in the Logistics post. So your item specifications and UPC are all entered but little else. The Amazon algorithm is this mysterious beast that feeds on a range of parameters such as Sales, Reviews, Questions answered and a number of Product Listing based inputs. When starting out, it is difficult to feed the Sales, Reviews and Questions answered parameters while your stock is in transit. The Product Listing, however, can be made as appetising as possible prior to your product reaching the FBA warehouse. There are a few key points to address with your product listing:

  • Make use of as many characters in your Title as possible. Do a bit of google keyword research here (you can create a free AdWords account to access the keyword planner tool) and try here (Allows 5 free key word searches), which claims to offer keyword search frequency from Amazon itself (I’m not 100% sure how accurate it is). Find keywords with the most search frequency and make sure you include them in your Title;
  • Make use of all available bullet points in the item description. Write all important features in here. If you run out of important features, write any other feature that you think might be enticing (even if it is not unique);
  • Maximise the number of high quality images. Use up as many of your image allocations as possible. And ensure you only use high quality images. Worth doing a photoshoot with your sample in every possible position and angle. Make sure you use a DSLR or high quality mirrorless camera. If you don’t have one, borrow a friends… it’ll be worth it;
  • Use as many characters as possible for your long description. If you run out of things to say, talk about what benefit the product will give you (such as a quicker cooking time and more time to spend with the kids, ect.)

A great way of finding the right key words and description style is to have a look at the top 2 or 3 product listings for the product you intend to sell. The fact that they are in the top 2 or 3 means they are doing a fair few things right. The product listing is likely one of these! Get an idea for the style of writing that best converts visitors into sales and keywords that best feed the Amazon algorithm. Check out this example of a quality product listing.

Optimising your product listing with descriptions

On top of a nice big Title and full use of the bullet points, check out the number of high quality images this product listing has used.

Optimising your product listing with high quality images

No wonder this product is number 1 when you search “Wireless bluetooth speaker”. Sure the brand, reviews and number of sales plays a big part, however this seller has definitely given themselves the best possible chance at ranking high by working on their product listing.

Post Highlights for optimising your product listing

  • Research high hit rate key words
  • Use many key words in the title
  • Use maximum number of high quality images
  • Read highly ranked product listings to learn the style of writing that converts visitors to customers
  • Maximise description bullet points
  • Maximise number of characters used for long description